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Blue Chromis fish around coral Reef Star

The Reef Story

Sheba Hope Reef today is a very different place compared to just a few years ago. Before restoration began in 2019, the silent seafloor was covered in dead, mobile gray coral rubble. Now, color is everywhere you look. From every crevice, you hear the healthy crackling and whooping of fish and organisms as they return home.

Our coral reef restoration of Indonesia's Salisi’ Besar starts with writing the word 'HOPE'. We’ve made a 10-year commitment to the project, which will see us restore the rest of Salisi’ Besar as well as extend our work to other locations around the world in need of hope.

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Reef Stars laid on Hope Reef


Coral fragments attached to start regrowth


Coral species growing so far on Hope Reef
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increase in fish abundance predicted at the site
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Square meters of coral reef restored globally by 2029
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Sheba brand imagery


Olympic swimming pools would fit into the area of reef we’ll restore globally by 2029

The making of
Sheba Hope

Our marine scientists work with local island communities to create and securely lay Reef Stars on the ocean floor. These special steel structures help to rapidly rebuild coral reefs that have lost the ability to recover on their own.

Watch as we work together to attach coral fragments to hand coated Reef Stars. These fragments then begin to take on a life of their own and grow, eventually covering the entire Reef Star with vibrant coral.

Our coral reef conservation method has helped coral cover at Hope Reef rocket from just 10% to an impressive 60%—and we’re just getting started.

Diver planting coral Reef Star

Eager to work

Are you a business or organization wanting to leave a positive pawprint promise on the world? Let’s explore how we restore coral reefs together.